Showcase: Remington “Red Star” Model 1903, Lend-Lease WWII Rifle

I am incredibly excited to announce that I’ve recently completed my first commissioned photo shoot! I am very happy with how the photos turned out and to see my photography going somewhere. You’ve already seen a few of the photographs from this shoot, but these rifles were the main focus, and were really quite coolContinue reading “Showcase: Remington “Red Star” Model 1903, Lend-Lease WWII Rifle”

Showcase: FN Five-seveN USG, 5.7x28mm

Ah, the FN FiveseveN.  Cramming 20 rounds of what essentially amounts to a .22 on a massive amount of steroids into each magazine, this is a truly unique firearm that I’ve personally been intrigued by since it was introduced to Counter Strike back when CS first became standalone.  A Belgian design by FN Herstal, thisContinue reading “Showcase: FN Five-seveN USG, 5.7x28mm”

Showcase: Colt Model 1903 Vest Pocket Pistol, .25 ACP

I was forced to neglect the site for a while due to finishing up my graduate studies, but now I’m back, and recently had the opportunity to do a small photoshoot for a local firearm dealer.  I’ll be posting a few of the photos from the shoot over the coming days, but first up isContinue reading “Showcase: Colt Model 1903 Vest Pocket Pistol, .25 ACP”

Budget #2: Pop-up Flash High-Key Light

If you’re new here, check out my Budget Series Pre-Ramble and the first post in my Shooting on a Budget series, where I demonstrate one way to take decent photos with the on-board pop-up flash that comes on most DSLRs and ‘bridge’ cameras, and even some point-and-shoots. If you’ve already taken a look at our initialContinue reading “Budget #2: Pop-up Flash High-Key Light”

Education Through Emulation #1: Glock Backpack

One very effective tool for accelerating your growth as a photographer is to find a photograph that you like, and attempt to recreate it.  While this sounds like copying, and in many ways is (I wouldn’t recommend doing this for something you’ll be putting in your portfolio or paid for…), it is also probably theContinue reading “Education Through Emulation #1: Glock Backpack”

Budget #1: Pop-up Flash Accent-light

If you’re not sure what this is, check out my initial post describing my “Shooting on a Budget” series.  If you’re already familiar, carry on! In this edition, I’ll give a few tips on how to take decent photos if the only source of light you have available is the built-in pop-up flash on your camera.Continue reading “Budget #1: Pop-up Flash Accent-light”

Budget Series Pre-ramble

No, that’s not a typo.  As you’ll soon discover, I am quite the verbose typist, or, put more bluntly, I am a rambler.  The purpose of this post is to provide a background for a series of features that will be (hopefully) soon to follow.  Within those posts, I will likely ramble: hence, this is the pre-ramble!Continue reading “Budget Series Pre-ramble”

Staufhammer? What the heck is this?

Firearms are very intriguing machines.  An intricate collection of parts, designed to work in tandem to provide end-users with a means of self-defense, a tool for duty, an instrument for competition, or simply a device to supply a fun day at the range. As firearm enthusiasts, many of us appreciate the art involved in the designContinue reading “Staufhammer? What the heck is this?”