Budget #2: Pop-up Flash High-Key Light

If you’re new here, check out my Budget Series Pre-Ramble and the first post in my Shooting on a Budget series, where I demonstrate one way to take decent photos with the on-board pop-up flash that comes on most DSLRs and ‘bridge’ cameras, and even some point-and-shoots. If you’ve already taken a look at our initialContinue reading “Budget #2: Pop-up Flash High-Key Light”

Budget #1: Pop-up Flash Accent-light

If you’re not sure what this is, check out my initial post describing my “Shooting on a Budget” series.  If you’re already familiar, carry on! In this edition, I’ll give a few tips on how to take decent photos if the only source of light you have available is the built-in pop-up flash on your camera.Continue reading “Budget #1: Pop-up Flash Accent-light”

Budget Series Pre-ramble

No, that’s not a typo.  As you’ll soon discover, I am quite the verbose typist, or, put more bluntly, I am a rambler.  The purpose of this post is to provide a background for a series of features that will be (hopefully) soon to follow.  Within those posts, I will likely ramble: hence, this is the pre-ramble!Continue reading “Budget Series Pre-ramble”